Membership benefits

  1. Six issues of the Modern Rheumatology journal is delivered per year.
  2. Members will be able to access the latest full-text Modern Rheumatology and Modern Rheumatology Case Reports journal papers online.



  1. Those who reside outside Japan.
  2. Those who are involved in medicine.
  3. Those who agree to the purpose of the Annual Scientific Meeting and the International Symposium, and who subscribe to the Modern Rheumatology journal.



To become a member of the JCR, please fill out this application form (a new window will open up and you will be asked to enter the required information before submitting your application)

Once the JCR is satisfied that the correct information has been entered, a reply e-mail will be sent asking you to enter your credit card details via a link.

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Please note that your request for membership to the JCR may be turned down if you do not meet the requirements.


  1. Membership to the JCR runs from 1st March until Lastday of February every year.
  2. The annual membership fee is 12,000 JPY and must be paid by 31st May every year.
  3. If you would like to join the JCR in the middle of the membership year, the annual membership fee of 12,000 JPY is still applicable. When applying for membership, you are required to pay the full fee.
  4. Your membership will be renewed automatically at the end of the membership year, unless you have informed us that you do not wish to continue to be a member of the JCR.
  5. If you have not paid your membership fee for more than 2 years, we are required to stop your membership to the JCR (Article 9 of the Memorandum of Articles).
  6. If any of your registered information changes (i.e. address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc) please notify our office via e-mail or fax.
  7. Should you wish to withdraw your membership to the JCR, please notify our office via e-mail or fax.(Please note that we do not offer a refund should you decide to withdraw in the middle of the membership year)
  8. Please pay your membership fee via credit card.
    The credit card processing link will be sent to you in the reply e-mail after you have sent your application form and you have passed the screening process.

The following credit cards can be used for payment:

  • VISA
  • Master
  • JCB
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