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Modern Rheumatology is the official journal of the Japan College of Rheumatology (JCR) and is the premier scientific journal for research in rheumatic diseases. The journal publishes original papers in English on research pertinent to rheumatology and associated areas including pathology, physiology, clinical immunology, microbiology, biochemistry, experimental animal models, pharmacology and orthopedic surgery. The editors of Modern Rheumatology aim to publish trial results that are shared worldwide, and authors from all countries are encouraged to submit papers in the following five categories: Original Articles, Review Articles, Rapid Communications and Letters to the Editors. Six issues and a supplement are published per year. It is delivered to approximately 10,000 Modern Rheumatology subscribers around the world, as well as to members of the JCR. Papers may be submitted at any time. Papers are welcomed from members of the Japan College of Rheumatology and nonmembers alike.

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